About this website

If you intentionally made your way here - or if you perhaps find yourself at this site purely by accident - I offer up an apology and an explanation.

This is a work in progress. Only recently launched, the design and layout is set (for now) but I face a grand challenge to scan and edit my library of film images (from a large and largely unorganized collection) as an ongoing part-time activity. Not to mention the time and frame of mind to create new images.

This website also represents a merging of the old world with the new. Inevitable, perhaps. And I did procrastinate for many years until I realized that I was about to become a photographer without vision. Or at least one who did not fully recognize the benefits of consolidating a collection into individual image galleries ever ready for presentation.

You may indeed assume from the above that I am one of those "film" photographers who worked with large format and 35 mm cameras, a handheld light meter, bracketing exposures and with specific film and print formats which imparted their own particular qualities onto the final print . But as the conveniences and quality of the digital world became a real asset to the world of photography I transitioned my love for black-and-white images to the newest generation of camera, post-edit and in-house archival digital print making tools.


The commercial capabilities of this site have not been activated to allow me to focus on the creative.  Future plans will include options to purchase images sized to your needs - or to purchase select images as a an edition of 1. Queries on pricing options can be directed to me via the contact page.