About this website

If you intentionally made your way here - or if you perhaps find yourself in this spot purely by accident - I offer up an apology and an explanation.

This is a work in progress. Only recently launched, the design and layout is set (for now) but I face a grand challenge to scan and edit my library of film images (from a large and largely unorganized collection) as an ongoing part-time activity. Not to mention the time and frame of mind to create new images.

This website also represents a merging of the old world with the new. Inevitable, perhaps. And I did procrastinate for many years until I realized that I was a photographer without vision. Or at least one who did not fully recognize the benefits of consolidating a collection into individual image galleries ever ready for presentation.

You may indeed assume from the above that I am one of those "film" photographers. I also photograph in digital but my real love is for black and white film subjects, especially large format. Thus, I project a long timeline to completion but look forward to the day when can I declare this site to be ready for public viewing - but feel free to take a peek now, if you wish!